Garden Stuff


Origins: These short articles first appeared in The Eastbourne Herald (Lower Hutt, New Zealand) as a contributed monthly column called Garden Stuff with Sandy Lang. They are reproduced here with permission and some editing - e.g. I have added a brief title to each to ease access.

Size and style: The strict space limitation of the column (<400 words) meant the wording had to be pretty terse and the content sometimes incomplete. With a bit more space here I have tried to correct the latter but have persisted with the former - they usually make sense.

Scope: These short articles cover a wide range of topics - wider than most newspaper garden columns. I feel some of those read like their aim is to sell particular garden products. I have no marketing or financial interest in these writings but instead wish to share with you a love for science - especially for plant science and plants - and for a way of living that's more in tune with nature and hence more sustainable.

Structure: These contributions appear in inverse serial-number order. The number of pages will grow month by month, until either I give up or the Eastbourne Herald ceases to indulge me. My first column was published in November 2016.  

Sandy Lang